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Two testimonials from Deri Llewellyn-Davis

Deri works with small and mid-sized businesses, helping them reset their businesses within the spectrum of strategy. 

Deri has two books: one is Life’s Great Adventure, which is the origin story to his adventure series, taking people on the journey around the world from the Sahara Desert to the world’s highest mountains. His second book is BGI Strategy On A Page, which is enabling business owners to get their entire business strategy on one single page.

He got Amazon Bestseller on that in several categories including the entire business genre.

He and I met at a joint venture dinner a few months back in Central London and we got talking about copy. 

Here are some kind words…

“Anybody who’s out there and content and copy is primary to your business, or you’re generating leads online or offline with messaging and you want to bring people in through copy: You need to be talking to Chris, because the content’s changed, the copy’s changed, but there’s a simple truth and a simple elegance to everything. Chris has been doing copywriting for a couple of decades now and the essence of it has not changed. I think Chris has got it in copy, and I’m good at strategy, not copy — so my strategy is to bring in the best.”

There’s something great that comes with experience. With experience comes the ability to cut through to the simple elegance of things, and that’s what Chris does. Chris is able to under-complicate what we have overcomplicated.”

Watch his testimonials here…