Videos – Christopher John Payne

Here are links to pages with some of my videos on them – most are very short : 2-6 minutes each.

Note: As of July 2023 almost all the video links have stopped working due to the video player I was using becoming ‘end of life’. Grrrr! 

We will fix this issue over the coming weeks, but if you want to see any particular video, reach out to me via the Contact Me page and I can send you the video via or add that video back to this site using Vimeo.

Live events…

How the more primitive parts of our brain get in the way of us making wise decisions [TEDx talk] (15 minutes)

The Crisis Of Intimacy [TEDx talk] (18 minutes)

Marginal change in action creates big results (2 minutes)

How to tap into ‘forgotten’ memories to enable us to create great content (20 minutes)

Tips for success with product creation (my contribution to a panel discussion) (20 minutes)

Follow-on presentation on product creation (my contribution to a panel discussion) (17 minutes)

Instructional videos…

The Dot Principle – make the smallest start with a project, and watch it gain momentum (6 minutes)

Lessons I learned from chopping broccoli! (3 minutes)

How to overcome procrastination today (8 minutes)

How to come up with ideas for ebooks and other content fast (7 minutes)

My review of the book The Habit Factor by Martin Grunburg (and accompanying phone app) (18 minutes)

Interviews with me…

Sarah Staar interviews me in my home about product creation (57 minutes)

Shelley Bridgman re my approach to business plus lessons from past successes (5 20-ish minute videos)

Sara Watson interviews me about generating idea, maximising your life, etc (72 minutes)

TV appearances…

Talking about ‘lucid dreaming’ in a TV documentary called In Your Dreams.

Demonstrating The Little Calm Machine on Channel 5’s Breakfast News.

Talking about the MindLab relaxation device on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast.

Demoing the Alpha-Stim device for reducing anxiety on London Network News.

Videos by clients…

On this next page are some videos of clients saying some nice things about me and my work with them…

Video testimonials (2 minutes)

You can check out a few videos on another of my sites where I talk about personal growth issues.

If you enjoyed the videos above, you’ll find a number of articles with stories and jokes along similar lines on one of my other sites:


Improv exercises with author and comedian Mark Speed (1-3 mins each)