Living proof – Christopher John Payne
Neil Asher

Chris is an absolute genius when it comes to creating and marketing information marketing courses. Since talking with him and listening to his story, I have learned to my amazement that he has written sales letters which he has mailed out in the tens or hundreds of thousands. He has in fact mailed out nearly one million – yes ONE MILLION – sales letters in a single year. Do whatever you can to learn from this guy. He’s the real deal.”

Neil Asher (the brains behind New Insights Life Coaching until he sold it not so long ago: a very successful company which uses the internet and direct mail to promote a life coaching home study course.)

Georgina Kirk

I am SO grateful for all the advice you gave me about internet marketing and making money through websites. I have since gone on to create 2 brand new websites, and I’ve got all sorts of plans and projects on the go now, largely as a result of your help.”

Georgina Kirk, JMJ Training & Development

Thank you so much for the consultation – I have benefited greatly from it. As a result of that call, I have completely redesigned my website so that it looks much more professional. I have also written a short book called How to Accelerate your Business and Personal Growth.Thanks again!

Paul Sutherland

The most recent feedback about my work with clients is on the Video Testimonials page.

Here’s what other people have said about me, and what I’ve helped them to achieve…

Dr Karl Blanks 100.jpg“Absolutely fantastic advice”

“I had a one and a half hour consultation with Chris. It has actually been quite amazing because what I thought was going to take us realistically about one year to create will now take us about one month. Chris has just completely changed my thinking of what I was even going to achieve. I quite worry about what would have happened if I hadn’t had Chris’s advice actually. I don’t know anyone else I could have gone to to get this advice. Absolutely fantastic advice.”

Dr Karl Blanks, Conversion Rate Experts,

gerry_smit_100.jpg“The most amazing and informative 2 hours of my life”

“Prior to our meeting I knew I wanted to get involved in information marketing and I had a fair idea of the basic principles. I felt nervous about meeting you and a little bit insecure.

However, I have just spent the most amazing and informative two hours of my life. From the moment we met, I felt an instant connection and a mutual trust. The openness, honesty and sincerity between us was amazing.

I felt inspired and proud of the amount and quality of questions that I came up with and I was astounded at the level of information that you disclosed and I am in awe of the level of honesty, integrity and openness that you displayed.

am inspired, excited and confident in the knowledge that I am now in possession of every scrap of information that I need to start and to run a very successful and profitable mail order business.

The guidance, comfort and information that you gave me today are deeply appreciated and I am eternally grateful that I had this opportunity.

I am proud and excited with the knowledge that you saw in me a person that is honest, reliable and determined and worth investing time and effort into. I look forward to working with you in the future on joint ventures. This meeting has been a huge success and more than I could ever dream of.

The most amazing outcome is the fact that you have offered me the opportunity to do a joint venture with a product that you have to get me on the road.”

Gerry Smit, UK

John Fairweather.JPG“A fabulous investment”

“I have wanted to create my own information products for so long, and now I have Information Superstar I’m motoring along at a fine old pace. I presented 3 ideas for products to Chris and he clearly explained why these products would not be viable products – which has saved me a ton of time and potential money from ‘flogging a dead horse’. However the third idea I presented to Chris he really loved and has shown me ways to make money from it, and bring in many new clients for my consultancy practice that I would never have thought of on my own. This has been a fabulous investment for me.”

John Fairweather,

Paul Shrimpling.jpg“His knowledge is second to none.”

“When it comes to Information Marketing, Chris Payne is my ‘go to’ guy. His knowledge is second to none, he is eager to share it, and his enthusiasm is so infectious, that I rush off to carry out what I learned. Chris goes out of his way to make everything crystal clear and so simple – a simplicity that has come from his 20 years experience in this ‘game’ where he has seen so much that has worked and a heck of a lot that hasn’t. Chris has saved me from making a lot of costly mistakes, and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

Paul Shrimpling, Remarkable Practice,

Gary Courtenay.jpg“Light years of thanks”

“Chris, thanks to your support and encouragement, my book How To Write Sales Letters With Clout is now published. Using your advice I wrote it in far less time than I ever imagined possible. You helped me massively with the cover design, and I’m very grateful for your contribution which I added towards the back of the book. Your generosity overwhelms me. As a result of this book being out I am perceived very differently by potential business partners, so this is money in my pocket. Light years of thanks for your profound interest and continued support.”

Gary Courtenay, Nutri,

Karen Peterson 100“You truly are a wonderful teacher.”

“I’m part of Mal Emery’s business mentoring group in Australia. [Chris adds: Mal Emery is the Australian equivalent of Dan Kennedy/Jay Abraham, if you’ve heard of these two people.] Mal gave me a loan of your wonderful program, The Effort Free Life System, as he said it was an excellent example of great marketing, a great product and a successful business model in personal development – which I thoroughly agree with. I loved your 3-day Effort-Free seminar in Sydney, and your presentation at Mal’s conference. You truly are a wonderful teacher. Warm regards from a big fan.”

– Karen Peterson

“Chris Payne was absolutely phenomenal!”

“Thank you Neil [Asher] for a superb weekend’s seminar. Extremely valuable, life-changing info for me. Chris Payne was absolutely phenomenal! I was totally inspired by him and his methods. My first product is going to be a ‘business-in-a-box’-type product, which I had already created 30% of last year. Whilst I finish developing that (Chris Payne Method), I’m going to do some article marketing, build my list for a ‘newsy’ regular email, and find JV partners. Most of that particular project has been in place since the summer, I just never finished it. I now realise how very close I am to a personal financial breakthrough. And this past weekend’s event has been a catalyst. It was brilliant! Just what I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Janet Browne (Most definitely one of the 3% at this seminar who will actually implement what they’ve learned!)

Dan Bradbury

“Chris was the best speaker”

“I was one of the speakers at Neil Asher’s 2-day internet marketing course, as was Chris Payne. Everyone of the attendees I spoke to, apart from one person, said Chris was the best speaker.”

– Dan Bradbury, Dan Bradbury Ltd (helps coaches etc market themselves better)

Pete Godfrey Australia

“I’m sure our paths are gonna cross again one day Chris… and when they do, mate, I’m going to pick your brains. I like the way you think… but more importantly, the way you convey this message. Some of your copy is bloody magical (sorry for swearing Chris, just got a bit excited… happens a lot around here).

– Pete Godfrey (considered by many to be the best copywriter in Australia)

See videos from some of my satisfied clients here.