The key to getting projects launched – Christopher John Payne

The key to getting projects launched

I take time out most days, if I’m not spending it with a client, to go for a walk round a local lake at Goldsworth Park in Woking, followed by a latte in the nearby Costa.

Here’s me reading a book called Going Solo by my client Trevor Greenfield which I helped him put together and publish…


I’ve got to know the terrific team at my local Costa. One of them is Heidi. She works long hours but is always happy and full of energy.

She shared with me over the last few weeks that she has been working on creating her own business designing and selling hampers – and yesterday she told me it was now launched.

Here’s me with Heidi…
…and here’s a screenshot from a website she created…

If Heidi can create a new business like this from a standing start while also having a full-time job, what can you create? What would be a compelling reason for you to get started today? 🙂


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