Products – Christopher John Payne

I have the following products to help you improve your results…

The Effort-Free Life System has been a best-seller for years. I’ve been working on revised Version 2. If you want to get hold of this in its early stages, get in contact via the Contact Me page.

I have an online course called Amazon Profits to help you make money from self-published books. Drop me a line for more info contact via the Contact Me page.

If you have your own website(s) or want to have one, here are some products I recommend.

I also help people over the phone or video call – or one-on-one.

I help clients to…

  • find a winning product or paperback book /Kindle ebook idea based on the skills/knowledge they have now, or could acquire quickly
  • identify a specific niche of people who would be interested in buying the product
  • set an appropriate price, and decide on lead magnet, bonuses and upsells/downsells to go with it
  • craft a compelling back cover blurb, sales letter or sales video to promote it
  • create the outline/mindmaps for the content of the product
  • find a way to create version one of the product very quickly to get the product out there
  • communicate with buyers to refine and improve the product for version two
  • get compelling testimonials from early buyers or past users of services
  • design a product launch sequence to maximise sales when the product goes on sale
  • create core content for their blog which helps people to get to know, like and trust you

And I can…

  • show you why your book, product or website is underperforming, using my 30-point audit
  • show you how to make your video and written content more dynamic and ‘sticky’
  • help you put together a 3-18 minute presentation which will wow your audience

…and more

How I work

(Lockdown permitting) I prefer clients to come to my home, and for a full day, though I do travel occasionally.

Free initial chat

I am happy to talk with you for half an hour or more at no cost – providing you respect my time by having some money to spend and time to create the product if we do feel we can work together.


If you book to see me for a day, and by 1pm you feel we’re not getting on like a house on fire, then you are very welcome to leave and be refunded 100%.

I want you to be thoroughly delighted with the time we spend together. I love happy clients. I’m here to bring out the best in you. I want us to become lifelong friends.

Who I am not interested in helping…

If you think your clients or potential customers are all idiots and fools, we won’t be a good fit. 🙂 However if you love working with your clients, and you want to make a real difference to their lives, we should get on very well together.

Contact me here.