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A testimonial from Anthony Tilley

Anthony Tilley is best known for being a solo ad seller, one of the industry’s leading sellers. At his highest point I’ve gotten 10,000 to 15,000 clicks a day, and has recently started a podcast called the Solopreneur Show.

I met Anthony after he got in contact with me — he travelled down to South Wales and he interviewed me, and I also interviewed him.

Anthony spent a day with me at my house where we came up with some great ideas.

Here are some kind words he had to say…

So I really cannot speak highly enough of Chris and I would suggest anybody, even if you just have the smallest gem of an idea for a product — you have got to go and spend the day with Chris. Talk to him and find out how he can help you and your business, how you can develop your idea into something absolutely amazing as he did for me. Whatever opportunity you have, work with Chris — have him make a huge change in your business, the same way that he has done for mine.”

Watch his testimonial here…