Use principles from improvisational comedy to create quality content – Christopher John Payne

Use principles from improvisational comedy to create quality content

You may have seen improvisational comedy performed on TV in programmes like Whose Line Is It Anyway?

One of the main principles from impro is “Yes, and…”: If someone makes an offer, or a suggestion, you go with that, and see where it will lead you – rather than dismiss it.

Here’s a photo of me playing an impro game with new friends Jamel (acting as my hands and arms, Nadine and Garth at The Spontaneity Shop in London…

IMG 9479  Version 2

In the game illustrated above, if I was facing Garth, and Jamel’s hands started stroking Garth’s then I had to go along with that action and say something like…

“Please please don’t sack me!” or “Haven’t you got soft hands? I thought you worked down the coal pit?”

…rather than…

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I didn’t meant to touch you… Why are my hands behaving in such a strange way?!”

Equally, when you want to write a new blog post or article for a newsletter, work with what you have around you right now, rather than fight your present reality.

For example…

What story can you relate from something going on today in your personal or professional life which would entertain and/or educate your audience?


Where are you stuck in your life? Start writing about that, and as you do so, you may write yourself out of your stuckness and gain some delightful insights. You could then write a fascinating article which will enable your readers to know, like and trust you at a deeper level.


Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.

  • Well hello Chris.

    Great advice. Rather than trying to hide where you are, be honest with your readers, because many will be in a similar situation; and if you can lead them to a better place then you may become their hero.

    igor Griffiths

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