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WP Viral Payments plugin by Rob Cornish: review

WP Viral Payments box Rob Cornish

I first met Rob Cornish a few months ago. Since then we have become friends, and we recently spent a day together in my home, sharing tips on internet marketing and product creation.

Rob has created a brilliant new WordPress plugin called WP Viral Payments

It’s easy to install and what it means is that you can…

  • add a tick box to the Buy page for any of your products, so you can upsell your purchasers to a Deluxe version of your product, or add on a similar product
  • ask the potential purchaser to click on a Share on Facebook button and when they do this 10% or whatever is knocked off the price
  • give people 100% off a product if they share your website link on Facebook
  • …and so much more!

Here’s a photo of the first product I’ve added this plugin to: my popular Thank You For Everything program: I’ve added an upsell of 15 minutes of coaching with me at a bargain price!…

WP Viral Payments by Cornish on TYFE site

As a potential purchaser ticks or unticks the box, the total payment is updated before he/she is taken to the Paypal page.

Normally you’d need to sign up for an expensive shopping system like Infusionsoft or Nanacast to get facilities like this, with significant monthly fees, but WP Viral Payments is just one, low price!

I’ll be adding more upsells and “Share this page to get a free ebook”-type offers to my products over the coming days! What’s brilliant is that this plugin is so easy to use!

Go check out the WP Viral Payments video here to see 8 ways you can use this fab plugin on your site(s) – then seriously consider getting it before the price goes up, which it inevitably will!


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