Waitress’s winning attitude leads to a $1,000 tip – Christopher John Payne

Waitress’s winning attitude leads to a $1,000 tip

I was so impressed by a waitress at a diner in Cleveland, Ohio, that I took her photo.

I decided I’d give her a $1,000 tip, but I didn’t have the cash. (She had no idea this was on my mind.)

You can see the full story of why I would even consider giving a $1,000 tip here (see two thirds down the post).

I went back to Cleveland several months later to spend a day with marketing expert Dan Kennedy (who now charges $18,000 a day for consulting). I brought the $1,000 in cash to give her. I rang the diner but Dana wasn’t working that day. Luckily I spoke with her best friend. I told her I had a $1,000 tip for her. Her friend rang Dana at home, Dana rang me at my hotel. We arranged to meet at her home.

This video is of our encounter. I filmed it because I wanted to show my clients that a winning attitude can pay big time.

Maybe you can get a feel from Dana’s reaction why she deserved the tip…



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