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Video services

It can be quite a challenge to turn prospects into customer. They need to get to know you, like you – and trust you – before they decide to buy.

Video is a very powerful way to build this ‘know, like and trust’.

Sometimes my clients have no videos at all, so this is a new world for them.

Other clients already have videos but they’re not getting the results they want from their videos.

What I do for many of my clients is help them craft a series of messages that compels viewers to take action, then I record the videos, edit them, and upload them to their site and/or YouTube channel.

For one client, Andrew Price, at Andrew Price & Co Chartered Accountants, I recorded 19 videos in one day, and these were then ‘drip fed’ onto his website.

Here is me working with Andrew so you can see my video setup…

Andrew Price video day setup 640

For other clients I have recorded what is called a ‘squeeze page’ video which encourages visitors to a web site to enter their name and email address.

Then the visitors receive a series of daily emails linking them to short videos delivered one a day for, say, 5 days – which warms up the prospect and leads them to free or paid-for phone consultation, meeting, or product sale.

If you would like a free, no obligation chat with me to discuss your challenges and how I may be able to help you, drop me a line here.