RobC interview – Christopher John Payne

RobC interview

As promised, here are 4 videos filmed in Rob’s home in Cornwall in mid-May 2016.

I am sure you’ll get some terrific insights from watching.

Before you watch the videos, if you haven’t already done so, please watch this 35-second Turnstile video first as it will really help me to help you. You will find it on a few pages in the members area – but you only need to watch it once

Brilliant! Thanks for signing in above. Now I will be able to see where you’re up to in this program. 🙂

On with the show…

First, a testimonial from an EFOS member called Bob Leach…

Great interview with Rob, he reveals some great ideas and ‘know how’ in the videos. The content is great and what I’ve come to expect from him as I’m a customer of his, I’m currently working with him on a project of my own, and find it incredible how much time, effort, help and advise he is prepared to give,not just to me but others as well, he is one of the best I’ve come across, a really genuine guy!

I didn’t intend the above to be a testimonial for, but I think ‘credit where its due’, well I think so anyway.

I’ve take two points that Rob mentioned in the videos which I intend to implement and they are:-

1. To spend more time collecting content of interest from other sources and organising it into various folders to create and improve my existing swipe file.

2. Google a timer and set it in order to manage my time better.

In all Chris a thoroughly enjoyable and educational set of videos, and of course the quality of Rob’s answers relate directly to the quality of your
questioning, great interview, many thanks.

Marie Rose in Australia wrote…

I have just watched video 1, a lot of information there, some of it very subtle. You are a very good interviewer. Thanks, really.

I hope those testimonials inspire you to watch these videos, take great notes, and implement!   🙂

Video 1: I ask Rob about his lifestyle and how he spends his days, using Jing to reply to client questions, using swipe files, constructing a sales letter to promote an offer from building blocks…

Video 2: what people get when they buy a product; how he created Interrupt2Profit; outsourcing research for The Best of the Best)…

Video 3: more about outsourcing research; working with JV partners; the percentage of people who bought the Best Of The Best upsell; the challenge of creating and managing Facebook ad campaigns; how to find JV partners)…

Video 4: I ask Rob how someone should promote affiliate offers; advice about membership sites; the trend towards simple, tiny products; a clever way to sell an interview with an expert; the percentage of his income that comes from affiliate products vs his own; the power of giving 100% commissions to affiliates; Rob’s daily habits; “our brains work against us so we need to trick ourselves”; and more…

Let me know what you think: I’d love to know! 🙂