PIGS: questions prompt – Christopher John Payne

PIGS: questions prompt

Here’s a very short 2-minute video…


Here’s some info about me. As you read each line, see if it reminds you of a challenge you have and/or prompts you to email me a question I can answer on our day together.

I used to run a direct mail business: I had a team of 18 people.

We mailed up to a million packs a year selling personal growth products like speed reading courses, meditation course and relaxation devices.

I created my first ‘info product’ (a set of 8 CDs plus workbook): it did $3m in gross revenue and $1m in contribution

I published a 12-page newsletter to go with it for £19.95 a month. I ran it for 45 issues. At its peak we were sending out thousands a month.

I ran workshops around the world, and co-organised a TEDx conference in Abu Dhabi. I trained some of the speakers and was a speaker there myself. We got 850 people to show up.

I have sold from the stage in front of up to 2,200 people.

I have trained in psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis (you may have heard of the “I’m okay, you’re okay” model from TA), NLP – and spent more than $350,000 in seminars, coaching, therapy and products.

I have an online program containing videos, audios, downloadable files and written material. It sells for £795 plus VAT.

I run webinars every month.

I set up one very niche website and got 132,000 page views from organic searches in a short space of time – and thousands of downloads of a free ebook.

I run workshops in my home where up to 8 people show up. I have no pre-prepared material: I just answer questions for 7 hours.

I have published 3 non-fiction paperbacks and I believe everyone, and every business, should publish at least one non-fiction book.

I track core 14 habits a day to keep me focused, and run most of my business using iPhone and iPad apps.

I have recorded more than 300 videos, including one unlisted one: a final message to my sons to be played when I die.

I read 66 non-fiction books in 2016 and read parts of 62 others. Most are on influence, selling, brain science, relationships, communicating well, storytelling, productivity, and writing well.

Two words to guarantee success and happiness: “know thyself”. Most people don’t know themselves well and suffer as a consequence.

Three words to increase your sales and profitability: “craft great stories”: my ability to craft a story to get people to laugh, cry, be shocked, and/or buy has been responsible for the bulk of my success in business and in life. (For example, one ad I booked for £50 created £9,200 in profit. I booked more than 850 ads in the national press.)

To provoke you a little, let me say that I think the following are overrated: paid SEO, sales closing techniques, sales brochures, pretty websites with photo carousels and the like, NLP, most personal growth gurus like Tony Robbins, and most popular psychology books.

I think the following are gross oversimplifications: “learn from the best”, “to succeed take massive action”, “cut negative people out of your life”, “be nice”, “turn the other cheek”, “get a life coach”, “spend money on your personal development”, “ready fire aim”, “I do a lot of self sabotage”, and more!


The core material I want to share when we meet is “How to get new clients, and get more work out of current clients, by using the power of story.”

I believe that telling stories right can help you to build your business, unite your team, improve your personal relationships, craft better presentations, and more.

We have 3 hours together. So there’s more I can cover…

How best can I help you? What challenges do you have right now?

What questions are triggered from the text above?

Email me now!  🙂