Photos from TEDxAlAin – Christopher John Payne

Photos from TEDxAlAin

I am very proud to have co-organised TEDxAlAin in Al Ain, the second largest city in Abu Dhabi, with Sajjad Kamal. Together we approached the Emirati government and raised £50,000 (US$80,000) to put this one-day conference on.

I worked with most of the speakers to refine their presentations, and I gave one of the presentations on the day myself.

More than 850 people showed up, and we turned away about 500 people. That was after we stopped promoting the event 2 weeks before it happened.

Here are some photos from the day…

Christopher John Payne TEDxAlAin

With Sajjad who, with his experience of working on TEDxWaterloo, made TEDxAlAin happen…

TEDxAlAin IMG 7445

TEDxAlAin IMG 7459

TEDxAlAin IMG 7450

TEDxAlAin IMG 7461TEDxAlAin IMG 7451

TEDxAlAin IMG 7462

TEDxAlAin IMG 7446

TEDxAlAin IMG 7453

TEDxAlAin IMG 7188

Martin Grunberg, author of the bestselling book The Habit Factor, who I invited to speak at the event…

TEDxAlAin Martin Grunberg


TEDxAlAin IMG 7110

TEDxAlAin IMG 7128

TEDxAlAin IMG 7136

TEDxAlAin IMG 7146

TEDxAlAin IMG 7130

TEDxAlAin IMG 7151

TEDxAlAin IMG 7115

You can see a video of the 15-minute talk I gave at TEDxAlAin here.