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Jules Watkins testimonial: before and after I used ScreenFlow

Here is the first version of a video I recorded which features Jules Watkins, creator of the brilliant VideoHero.com website, giving me a very flattering testimonial. I used iMovie to add the ‘ripped effect’ caption with his name and web address. Notice the top of the reflective screen which is in view on the bottom right edge of the video, which is a bit of a distraction…


Below is the same footage after I’d spent just 28 minutes editing it in ScreenFlow on my Mac (the equivalent of Camtasia on the PC). I used Video Actions for the zooming, and I used the Text tool as well. That’s it. I didn’t bother with transitions or anything else.

This is only the second video I have edited in ScreenFlow using some tips I got from Jules’s VIP membership area (so I’m very new to video editing)…


What do you think? I’d love to know! 🙂

By the way, you can see more video testimonials about my consultancy work here.

You can see how Jules set up my home office to get the lighting right for this video here.