GKIC London gifts – Christopher John Payne

GKIC London gifts


David White GKIC London and Chris Payne 300I am thrilled to have presented at David White’s wonderful GKIC London. He said about me, said, “Chris is extremely well known for his storytelling abilities. I really like his stories and what he has to say. On April 21st we saw some great Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle (GKIC) secrets from Chris Payne on the power of story telling. His presentation was so good I have asked him back for May.” Thank you for your very kind words, David!

Here are 3 gifts I promised you.

The Toothbrush Principle: An ebook and mp3 on how to get yourself motivated.

Knowledge Jackpot: An ebook and mp3 on turning your knowledge into products.

Here’s an edited version of my talk at GKIC London: I removed the parts where people did paired exercises to make the video shorter.

What I suggest is that you start watching the video so you see what it looks like, then schedule some time in your calendar to watch the rest of it.


Here are links to the Slides for GKIC London talk and the mp3 audio file. (On a Mac, press the Alt key before clicking on those links to download the files.)

Enjoy! 🙂


PS: DO drop me a line if you have any questions – I’m very happy to support you in any way I can: email hellochrispayne@gmail.com.

Do email me too if you want the .mp4 video file so you can watch it offline: on your computer,tablet, smartphone, etc.

Feedback from my talk…

Graham Rowan of the Elite Investor Club (still from GKIC video)

Graham Rowan of the Elite Investor Club (still from GKIC video)

Graham Rowan from The Elite Investor Club wrote…

“I thought your presentation was excellent: the way you used stories to show the power of stories, opening up about your own life, adding lots of follow-up value.”


“I really appreciated the passion with which you told the stories.” – Owen Nwanebu

“Excellent. Your presentation was structured and led me so I understood the power of stories. You won my confidence as an authority.” – Sam Onigbanjo

“What I appreciated more than ever from your talk was the importance of storytelling. Totally enjoyed it.” – Max Alter, Local Business TV and Videos For Accountants

A few days later, Max emailed… “Yesterday, I was travelling quite a bit and had idle thinking time. The exercises you asked us to do during your presentation and the commitment to write our story finally came together in my head and allowed me to see how I can tell my story, what I bring to the table and why people ought to listen to me. Just in time for my workshop on Tuesday. 🙂 Thank you. With infinite gratitude. Max

Michael MavenMichael Maven of Carter & Kingsley wrote…

“Awesome use of storytelling to increase sales. I really liked the Paul McCartney Technique you taught us.” [Learn this technique at 26mins 30 into the video – Chris]

“I thought you were entertaining, informative and inspirational.” – Vijay Maru

“I loved that you were succinct, interactive, open, honest, insightful and reflective.” – Caroline Palmer, Raising The Baa corporate training

Finally, here’s some words from Kevin Francis, a highly skilled copywriter, who wrote this on his website

Kevin Francis copywriterChris Payne is a man of many talents. Serial entrepreneur and info-marketer, his main focus now is helping consultants, trainers, coaches and others create quality e-products they can give away or sell. Frankly, that massively undersells what Chris offers as he demonstrated in an excellent presentation all about the power of stories and how to use them in your marketing to make more money. Stories can be very effective in your marketing because, in general, we love to hear stories. We seem to be hard-wired to listen to stories, perhaps because for thousands of years in the past they were the primary way to pass on information. Plus, of course, good stories can be entertaining and inspiring. Because people like stories, they are a great way to “fly under the radar” and bypass the sales resistance that usually crops up. Good stories have a hypnotic effect.

Chris covered the type of stories you can use, how to make sure they capture attention and delight the audience, where and how to use your stories, and much more (such as how to use pictures the right way with your stories).

Chris’s website includes lots of stories (great examples for you to learn from). There’s a ton of great material on the site, and so engrossing that one person confessed to Chris he had ended up spending over 10 hours going through the site!