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Effort-Free Content subscription

Sign up for the monthly Effort-Free Content program which I’ve created for all members of Amazon Profits (part of Effort-Free Online Success) for just £7 (US$9 approx) and get the following…

1. I’ll mail these 2 brand new books to you…

Billion Dollar Book Titles: Craft Killer Book Titles with Ease and Grace


Pain Pleasure Profit: Create a Potent Page-Turner That Delivers On Its Promises

…wherever you are in the world with no additional cost for postage.

You’ll also get all the following…

2. Access to monthly or occasionally twice monthly webinars. Plus access to webinar replays if you can’t make a call.

3. Unlimited email access so you can ask me any questions and I’ll reply personally at length. (One UK internet marketer charges $500 a month for less email access than this.)

4. Printed Effort-Free Content newsletter mailed to your home every month.

5. THREE further Amazon Profits-related books mailed to you over the next year.

6. Access to bonus video content (more details soon).

7. Free workshop in my home. (If you’ve been to my home before you normally pay £97 to attend again. As part of Effort-Free Content you can attend again for free.)

8. I’ll be putting core content from the members’ area into an online learning platform like Teachable.com over the coming months which means the content will be much easier to digest, you get ‘digital rewards’ for moving through a section of the program, course completion certificate, and more. This refined content will only be available for members of Effort-Free Content.

And I’ll add further bonuses over the coming weeks and months.

To get all the above, you pay just £7 (US$9 approx) now and then, 14 days from now, you’ll be charged £47 (US$59 approx) and every month from then on. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing me (at hellochrispayne@gmail.com only) 48 hours or more before you are charged again. Once a charge is taken there are no refunds.

Please note: It is likely I’ll increase the price of this subscription over the coming weeks or months and/or remove some of the above or create a higher-priced ‘Gold Level’ subscription. Sign up now to lock in these benefits.

To be clear: You’re paying just £7 now. I will send you the books and invite you to the next webinar and replay link (on a new hidden page). You can cancel over the next 12 days (giving 48 hours notice) if you don’t want to have ongoing monthly access to all the above benefits.

Click below to get them…

Effort-Free Content subscription: £7 now then £47 a month after 14 days