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A testimonial from Nicholas Haley

Nicholas Haley has been around the internet market circuit for a fair number of years.

He and I have been at many seminars together.

He sought out my help to help write and create a few books, and we have had great success there.

Nicholas said…

So if you’re stuck like a vinyl record going round and round the same circuit, which I was, and if you want to get your book out, then I highly recommend Chris. He’s accessible, put-you-at-ease, and brimming with ideas – and not just ideas but the technicalities as well: what fonts to use, how to set it out so you get the best impact, the comfort for the reader… because the whole object is to have a product that when the reader buys it, they feel comfortable and they can enjoy it, and its content is what is said on the cover.”

Here is his testimonial…