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Pitch Factor

Last weekend I went to a public speaking workshop run in London.  There were 150 people attending and we each had to give a short one minute pitch about a product that we would sell. I spoke about my product ‘Information Superstar’ which is a set of audios and videos plus Done For You elements so you can soon have a high-priced online product with sales letter, membership site containing your new product, and introductions from me to potential joint venture partners.

Here is my pitch…


Each pitch was evaluated by a panel of three judges: all professional speakers.  At the end of the pitch each judge gave feedback and said whether they would buy the product or not. Out of the 75 people who went before me I was the first speaker to get all three judges saying that they would buy my product!

Here is a clip from the evaluation…


“THAT is what I would call a ‘Sales Pitch’! It was very very good and you communicated in a very clear way. You’ve got great stage presence. You did well.”

– Vincent Wong, an expert in the property industry, regularly invited to speak to audiences of 1000+ delegates


“Even though it is quite hard to get me hooked on something –especially if that is not even my topic – I was hooked all the way because your energy is SO good. So I would definitely buy your product!”

– Hither Mann, one of the UK’s leading trainers in Forex trading

“I will buy your product based on the offer you made. The offer sells itself.”

– John Lee, CEO and co-founder of Wealth Dragons


Here is a photo of me with Vincent Wong (left) and John Lee…

John Lee Vincent Chris Payne2


Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.