Working with Shaz Nawaz at AA Accountants – Christopher John Payne

Working with Shaz Nawaz at AA Accountants

Shaz NawazShaz Nawaz is the Managing Director of a very successful accountancy firm called AA Accountants, based in Peterborough. He came to see me because he was launching a new information product into the day nursery market which he is passionate about. However he was unsure how to make this work.

He was looking for clarity and structure for his new business.

Before he came I did lots of background research about Shaz, his company and his business ventures. I also read all his ebooks and his published materials.

I got Shaz to list out 20-30 questions which I would answer on the day.

He kindly recorded a video testimonial in which he says:

“I was so impressed with Chris that I booked two further meetings. I now have a very clear action plan on what will go in the info product.

“We spoke about the up-sell, the down-sell, and how everything would work in specific detail. That was more than I was expecting from the meeting.

“I am now working on the info product and my next meeting with Chris will be to review the product, finalise it, and take it to market – including writing the sales copy, having the landing pages, and working on everything to get that product up and going.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Chris because he is the ‘go to’ guy. “

You can watch his full 3-minute testimonial below…


I also got a testimonial from Aasiyah Joseph, one of his colleagues who joined us for the day.

She said, “Before we came to see Chris he wanted to know what we wanted and what we expected from our time together, so we had a really clear view of what we were going to get from the day.

“He has clearly got a lot of experience in the trade, knows his stuff, knows the people, the shakers and movers. He knows what works.”

You can watch her full 90-second testimonial below…



I recently attended a GKIC meeting in which Shaz was giving a 45 minutes speech. At one point in his speech he started talking about heuristics and mentioned me. He said “Chris is a very good friend of mine. And he is my coach/mentor and we work together.” He then asked me to explain heuristics. 


Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.