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Come see me talk at the YES Group in London

I’m giving a 15-minute talk at the YES Group this Wednesday, August 27, the day before my birthday. 🙂

Doors open at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start.

I would love to see you there.

DO click on the link below and get your ticket – and drop me a line at to let me know you’ll be coming!

This is the text the YES Group have been sending out…

Twenty years ago Christopher John Payne set up a mail order business in the UK called LifeTools which became the second largest supplier of personal development products with 50,000 customers. His celebrity customers included Tony Robbins, who bought twice from him. At its height Chris was mailing nearly a million sales letters a year. He has created dozens of ebooks, videos, mp3-based programs, etc — and one of his programs, The Effort-Free Life System, achieved gross sales revenue of $3 million. He has run workshops in the UK, USA, Australia and Abu Dhabi, and spoken at 2 TEDx events, including co-organising one in Abu Dhabi with 850 attendees. He now helps coaches, trainers and consultants to make more money using online products. 

In his presentation on Members Night, Chris will talk about a shocking discovery 2 years ago which changed the way he looked at his life.
Then he will share 3 lessons and show you how to…

1. Discover your uniqueness and see your life in a new empowering way.
2. Get immediate momentum on a project you’ve been putting off.
3. Move forward with a new sense of purpose, drive and inspiration.


Wednesday’s YES Group London is going to be unlike any other YES Group London you’ve attended over the course of this year. On 27th August, I’m pleased to announce we are back at our original beautiful venue: Regents Park Holiday Inn where we will be hosting 6 amazing speakers from our Achiever member community.

To reserve your early bird space for 27th August you can register here<<<< Book your 25% off tickets

The 6 Achiever members are not only inspiring in who they are, but their stories will push you to the edge of your seats and leave you with goosebumps all round.

I can only make that kind of statement because I watched them audition their way into securing a space on the YES Group stage and that is the kind of impact they had on me while I heard them speak.

There are some talks you hear once and that is enough but believe it or not, I’m more excited to hear these stories for the second time then when I heard them for the first time round. That is how inspired I was to hear these amazing speakers share their hearts message. And I am confident, you too will leave YES group London next week with the same level of awe-inspiration in your hearts for these courageous individuals who we are so proud to have on our stage to represent YES Group London.

OK….. It’s time for the drumroll please!!!!

Our 6 amazing YESx Member night speakers (in no particular order) are…..

1. Chris Payne
2. Sammy Judah
3. Shay Ali
4. Peter Tuohy
5. Laura Nelson
6. David Brady

Congratulations to every single one of you for demonstrating your courage and no doubt you will all rock the stage next week!

If you are an Achiever member, come and support your fellow members next week and if you are facing some difficult times, adversities or challenges in your life, Members night is the place to be on Wednesday 27th August because these stories will be leave you not only feeling uplifted but will empower you to rise above your challenges because these stories are stories of triumph at the face of challenges.

To register your place you can visit the link below: <<<< Our 6 YESx Members Night speakers will leave you amazed once you hear their stories.

Looking forward to connecting with you tomorrow to share more about our awesome speakers for 27th August at the Regents Park Holiday inn.

Until then, live with love and passion!

Shamoni GilaniYES Group London Communications Leader


The link again to book your seat is:… here.