How to make your audience fall in love with you – Christopher John Payne

How to make your audience fall in love with you

Annik Rau at The Pony Express Speakers Club contacted me and asked me if I’d like to do a 6-minute talk on “How to make your audience fall in love with you”.

There were about 80 people in the audience when I delivered the speech. The panel in the video, from left to right, consisted of Elliot Kay (The Coach With The Hat), dating coach Hayley Quinn and coach trainer Nic Bolton…


Here are a few ‘secrets’ about this video, and 3 lessons which may be helpful to you…

1. I started work on this talk in a hotel at 11pm on the night before the event as I was so backed up with client work.

2. I did about 2 hours of surfing the net to assemble my source material, from a vague memory of a story about the band Queen practising intensely before Live Aid which I found in a book I was browsing in a bookshop in Abu Dhabi about 2 years earlier: it took me about 30 minutes of googling to discover the correct title for the book. Luckily the book was on Kindle, and I could read the first chapter at using Look Inside to check my memory of that story which happened to appear in the very first chapter.

3. I practised the speech a few times in the car as I drove home from the hotel the next afternoon. Due to traffic delays I parked my car near the station in Woking where I live and jumped on a train into London.

4. On the 27-minute train I turned my 6 points into a model I called STAIRS. When I got off the train I walked the 10 minutes to the club venue, going over the 6 steps in my head, and not long after I delivered the speech.

3 lessons for you…

  • There’s nothing like an immoveable deadline to focus the mind! 🙂
  • It’s amazing how creative your mind can get when it’s put on the spot.
  • Your audience will generally believe you’ve been honing your material for weeks, months or years – it’s up to you whether you want to share with people that you put your talk together at the last minute!

If you have any other questions about my talk, drop me a line.


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