Hero’s Journey webinar for Karen Reyburn at The Profitable Firm – Christopher John Payne

Hero’s Journey webinar for Karen Reyburn at The Profitable Firm

Karen_ReyburnKaren Reyburn is one of the partners at a web design and marketing company called The Profitable Firm which specialises in working with accountants.

Her firm created this beautiful looking site for one of my clients, Andrew Price of Andrew Price & Co in Torquay… Andrew Price website 640 I recorded 19 videos for Andrew in April 2014 so I worked with Karen and her team to get the videos onto Andrew’s website.

During one call, Karen and I got talking about the importance of video on a website to increase the ‘know, like and trust’ and help turn prospects into clients. A few weeks later she gave me a call and invited me to run a webinar for her tribe of forward-thinking accountants.

I came up with the title How To Add ‘Disney Magic’ To Your Videos To Compel Your Audience To Watch Them, Share Them And Act On Them…

…and I created this blurb…

There was a time, not too many years ago, when Disney’s animated movies were floundering. Revenues were down.
Audiences weren’t impressed. Everything changed with the creation of The Lion King. What was different? Disney sought help from a number of consultants to turn a ‘so-so’ script into a blockbuster. What advice were they given
Christopher John Payne is a UK-based consultant, and father of two Disney fanatics, who has worked with accountants and other firms to help them craft videos which command attention.
On this upcoming webinar you’ll learn a step-by-step process so you too can create simple, easy-to-produce videos with the  compelling story elements that Disney, and now Pixar uses, to create must-see blockbuster movies.
You’ll learn, you’ll be entertained, and you’ll leave the call feeling inspired!
The webinar went very well, and here is a replay for you…
If you have an email list and you think I could share some valuable content with your tribe, so get in touch.

Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.