Woking Speakers Club: my Ice Breaker speech – Christopher John Payne

Woking Speakers Club: my Ice Breaker speech

I joined Woking Speakers Club, which is affiliated with Toastmasters International, in May 2014.

A few days later I turned up to give my first prepared speech, called the Ice Breaker.

Well, it was meant to be prepared, but I’d had a busy few days beforehand, and a long business call just before I needed to leave to attend the Club, so I had 5 minutes to prepare my speech. Oops. 🙂

Anyway, here’s my (almost) off-the-cuff speech…


Towards the end of the evening everyone in the audience was asked to vote for the best prepared speech, and I won! Here’s a photo of me with Club President Doug New…

Doug New and Chris Payne 650

I was handed lots of feedback forms, and I got comments like this… “Very touching and inspiring.”, “Wow! You have heaps of energy!”, “What an amazing ice breaker. I loved your enthusiasm, pace, clean delivery, and above all the authenticity in what you said.”, “Absolutely brilliant” and “Very uplifting.”

I also got feedback from 2 people to s.l..o…w … d.o..w…n, which I really appreciate! 🙂

I’ll work on that over the coming weeks and months at this wonderful, friendly and supportive club.

I mentioned in the video that I co-organised a TEDx conference in Abu Dhabi. You can see that video here. I did another TEDx talk in London, and the video for that is here.


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