Working with accountant Andrew Price – Christopher John Payne

Working with accountant Andrew Price

Andrew Price runs Andrew Price & Co, an accountancy firm based in Torquay. He enlisted me to record a series of videos for his website.

I filmed them at his offices, edited them and uploaded them to his website.

I filmed 53 videos of Andrew in one day: we did a number of retakes to get the final 19 complete videos we wanted.

I then spent a second day at home editing these and uploading them to his website.

Here’s one of the videos we created which was designed to encourage a qualified viewer to call Andrew regarding a vacancy he had for a client manager.

I added in photos at relevant places in the footage, and also to ‘paper over the cracks’ where I cut out a couple of sections when Andrew reworded something so there wouldn’t be a messy jump cut.

I commissioned a great freelancer to create the 5-second splash intro to my design…


In this photo you can see the white backdrop I used, and the ‘soft box’ lighting…

Andrew Price video day setup 640

He kindly recorded this video testimonial for me…



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