Working with brand consultant Karen Hardie – Christopher John Payne

Working with brand consultant Karen Hardie

Karen Hardie is a brand consultant with a passionate and energetic personality who has a wealth of experience working with one-man-bands right up to multi-national corporations. She came to spend the day with me on Thursday to help her grow her business to the next level by refocusing her idea for her next product and showing her how to leverage it fully to maximise the opportunities that came her way.

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Karen Hardie and Christopher John Payne 3

Karen Hardie and Christopher John Payne 2

Here is a video testimonial she recorded…


You can see more video testimonials recorded by my clients here.

One last thing…

Once I created this post, I realised I wanted to link to Karen’s website, so I googled Karen’s name to get to her site to copy the web address correctly. This post was already in Google’s search results within 5 minutes of creating the post. Amazing…

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