Testimonial from Martin Avis, publisher of the Kickstart Newsletter – Christopher John Payne

Testimonial from Martin Avis, publisher of the Kickstart Newsletter

martin_avisMartin Avis publishes the Kickstart Newsletter, a free (and excellent) ezine he emails to his 8,000 subscribers once or twice a week. I first met him at the London Lunch, an event Martin puts on every few months where Internet Marketers can get together over food, share their successes and get support.

In 2012 Martin put on the first KISS Workshop for IMers, and ran KISS2 in October 2013. Martin asked me to present at the event along with several others, and I helped him put together the sales letter to promote the event.

He recorded this testimonial for me, which was very kind of him…


In the video he says, “Chris is a dynamo of a man with incredible enthusiasm. Not only did he volunteer to be a speaker, but he blew me away by going through my sales letter, point by point, and offering me an incredible amount of really valuable insights into how I could improve it, and make it more powerful.

“He has the kind of mind that gets right to the heart of what you are trying to say, and responding with ‘Here’s a better way to say that.’

“He then blew away 50 more people at KISS2 as he did a presentation showing how to anaylse the idea of a product so you know if it’s going to succeed even before you even start.

“He spent 90 minutes giving the audience a really detailed insight into his way of thinking. I’m really glad I met Chris, and if you have the opportunity to do the same, you’ll never regret it.”

Do watch the video where I talk with Martin about KISS2.


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