Video of my talk to Simon Chaplin’s Accelerator Group on how to craft powerful stories to create more business – Christopher John Payne
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Video of my talk to Simon Chaplin’s Accelerator Group on how to craft powerful stories to create more business

Simon-Chaplin-head-150Simon Chaplin is one of my clients. He runs one-day Bravest Business Seminars to help small business owners take their companies to the next level. He also runs an Accelerator Group which meets every 2 months for a day. Simon invited me to speak at one of those meetings. This video is a recording of my presentation. I got my video editor, Allan Duah, to add photos and captions for the audience members who made comments or asked me questions…


Here is a photo of me with Simon, and his amazing Accelerator Group… Simon-Chaplin-Accelerator-group-660

Here’s some of the feedback I got from my talk…

“Great to learn that simple is best. This fits in with my way of thinking.” – Julie Angell, Blue Rocket Accounting

“Great! I loved Chris’ energetic style. The Hero’s Journey is a great thing to remember. The things that Chris talked about really made a lot of sense. He shared lots of things that are so obvious when somebody points them out to you that I can’t believe I wasn’t doing already. I am now going to go off and do those things. A one and a half hour talk, and I’m pretty sure that’s going to make a lot of difference to my business. My favourite Socks Up Simon speaker so far!” – Graeme Hall, Dogfather Training

“From the start, when Chris explained his ‘back story’, I realised this guy knows his stuff. I have been absolutely blown away by the information Chris has given us today because it was inspiring, there was a lot of information there that I could start to look at, not only in my own business, but how I can help my clients’ businesses too. Thank you very much, Chris. It has been absolutely fantastic. If you are thinking about either taking Chris on, and hiring him as a speaker for your business, or looking to help you with strategies for getting more customers, then I would highly recommend that you do so.” – Jenni Henderson, Chrysalis Business Support

“Chris presented a very informative and interesting session on presenting yourself and your business. I was left with simple actions to take to improve my marketing messages.” – Tony Kensington, Aspirations Accountancy

“A great presentation. Lots to think about, and lots more to implement!” – Keith Lawrence, Lawrence Young

“Chris presents with humour and enthusiasm. But what is better than that is that he knows so much! He helped me to think about the content for my website in a different way. A way that makes sense and will help me connect better with my customers and prospects. If you need help with writing any material for your business then Chris is your man!” – Joanne Law, Smart Support For Business

“Chris’s clear, simple step-by-step way to create powerful content has opened my mind’s box of lightbulbs.” – Mick Prestidge, Monday Morning Grin Ltd

“Chris has got a unique style, and he really does get you underneath what is needed to help you get the right words across about your business. One of the things I find most difficult things is actually being able to encapsulate what I do in simple language, and it’s amazing how effective that can be when you use simple words to get people to come to you for the services you can promote – and that’s one of the big messages that I’ve learned from working with Chris. He has got some phenomenal ideas too. I’m looking forward to working with him even more in the future.” – Guy Robinson, Xebra Accounting

And here are some video testimonials from some of the attendees…

Mark Boulter of THP


Graeme Hall, Dogfather Training


Jenni Henderson, Chrysalis Business Support


Keith Lawrence, Lawrence Young

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Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.