Keep in touch… and say thanks – Christopher John Payne

Keep in touch… and say thanks

My eldest son, Toby, is 13. He posted this photo on his Facebook page recently…

Christopher John Payne and Toby Payne

…and I was very touched that he posted that.

Who can you reach out to today so show your appreciation? It could be one of your business colleagues, a supplier, a customer – or a family member.

Think of a time when someone you know sent you a note of appreciation or gratitude. How did you feel? It may have made your day. That’s a gift you can easily give to someone else in just 1-2 minutes.

Yes, you could put it off to tomorrow, but equally you could do something now…

…because there’s no time like the present.


Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.