TEDx talk at Al Ain, Abu Dhabi – Christopher John Payne

TEDx talk at Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

I gave the following 15-minute talk at the TEDxAlAin conference in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, in May 2011. I talk about how the more primitive parts of our brain get in the way of us making wise decisions, and one way to act more wisely.

A total of 850 people attended the event…

See photos from TEDxAlAin.

Go to this page if you want to find out how I got involved with this conference.

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I co-organised the event with a smart guy called Sajjad Kamal.

One of my jobs, in the run up to the event, was to source speakers and help them craft their speech via Skype calls so they would have a big impact on the day.

If you want help crafting a speech, get in touch.


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