TV appearance: Big Breakfast – Christopher John Payne

TV appearance: Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast was a wildly popular breakfast TV show on Channel 4 in the UK.

In this segment, Mark Liddle and Zoe Ball were the hosts. Vanessa Feltz also features.

Just before the end of the video you’ll see retired professional footballer and manager Rodney Marsh pour wine over a flame-throwing guy who wouldn’t have a bath when he got home at night.

We all got splashed!

I think this was my first TV appearance.

Paul Whitehouse

I appeared twice more on The Big Breakfast.

One of those times was to demonstrate the Breathwork Explorer device, letting comedian Paul Whitehouse try it out.

Paul worked with Harry Enfield, and starred in the popular BBC sketch show called The Fast Show. 

On the show, I pretended to fall asleep on the sofa using the device and Paul shook me hard to wake me up! 🙂

This footage is lost now.


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