1-MHave – Christopher John Payne


A while back I went to a 3-day Product Creation Workshop run by a British guy called Peter Thomson. One of the presenters on the first day was a guy called Michael Tipper who gave an excellent talk on mindmapping. At the end of his session he set a challenge: whoever created a new product first and showed it to him would get a free copy of 2 of his products: Mind Mapping Mastery and Business Profit Productivity Blueprint – worth $200.

So when Day One ended I rushed to my room. About 2 weeks ago I came up with the title for a new ebook called The DEPOT Method: How to Devise Information Products That People Are Effortlessly Compelled To Buy, and I had assembled some slides, but not made time to go any further.

Now I had a challenge with a deadline, so I pulled together various slides and made some changes, including making the third slide a ‘Thank You’ to Michael Tipper. This took less than 15 minutes.

I then started to record a video which Michael had said must be 10 minutes minimum. I created a 26-minute video and copied it to my iPad mini. I rushed round the hotel lobby, bar, restaurant, etc in search of him – and eventually found him in the gym just as he was climbing off the exercise bikes!

I found out I was first to come to him with a finished product.

The next evening, 50 of us were having dinner in a private room at the hotel. The Master Of Ceremonies, Steve Harrison, who is Peter Thomson’s right hand man, stood up and reminded people about the challenge and asked me to talk about what I had done.

Here’s the video of my 2-minute talk (filmed by a British copywriter called Jason Jackman)…


Here’s the selfie Michael took of us both…

Michael Tipper and Chris Payne

Here are 5 simple steps I took to create the video…

  • I assembled 52 slides.
  • I used the ScreenFlow app on my Mac to record the screen and my voice as I ran through each slide.
  • I exported the file at 34% (652 pixels across) so the file was compact.
  • I went to the GoodReader app in iTunes and dragged the file into the window there which transferred the movie file to my iPad mini.
  • I unplugged the iPad, found Michael and played him the movie in GoodReader.

I’ll post the 26-minute video shortly.

Download the one-page summary pdf.