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Video testimonial for Christine Clayfield

Christine Clayfield is an amazing woman who has created a series of niche books which have sold by the tens of thousands on Amazon.

I have learned some awesome information from her which contradicts what I’ve learned elsewhere from other courses and ebooks about ebook publishing. (Sheesh, there’s some ‘not great’ advice out there!)

But I know Christine’s advice is spot on – because she has been in the trenches and worked out through hard work and trial and error what creates big sales.

Here’s a video I created for her latest product: a course on how to really make it big with worldwide self publishing…

Invest in the course here.

If you buy through my link above, I am happy to offer you 2 one-hour Skype sessions so I can help you with your book creation and marketing plans. Simply drop me a line at hello chris payne at to arrange our first call after you sign up.