Seminars – Christopher John Payne


I have run seminars in the UK, America and Australia.

Here are some photos from a few of them.

This is me on the left taking part in one pairs exercise when we had an odd number of people in the room…

Seminar 1

I invite questions and comments from attendees…

Seminar 2

When attendees get great insights into their lives, or have an ‘aha!’ moment, I get them to write up what they have learned on sheets stuck to the walls. The best insights win Mr or Ms Insightful Awards, and some cash! Here is Adrian Berry at a seminar in the UK getting his award and money…

Seminar 3

These next 2 were taken at a seminar I ran in Minneapolis…

Seminar 4

Sem5nar 1

These next 2 were taken at a seminar I ran in Sydney, Australia. The exercise is called a Blind Trust Walk…

Seminar 6

Seminar 7

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