Sarah Staar testimonial – Christopher John Payne

Sarah Staar testimonial

Sarah Staar is very successful online marketer with an email list more than 50,000 strong. 

She and I have worked together multiple times in the past and have held workshops together in London.

I really like her as a person: she is very smart and laughs easily, so I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend working together.

She came to my home to work on a new product idea that she had and here is what she had to say after the day…

“So this is why with my latest product, what I’ve actually done – and this is what anyone else should do as well – is come to Chris for the day. If you just got a vague idea of a product, what’s going to be involved in the product, how to make the ideal product to sell — come to Chris and develop that product.

Thanks a million Chris, thank you so much for helping me develop my new product Video Hacker Pro, its core idea, and also the sales letter, which I know is going to be a big hit.”

And here is a video testimonial…