Personality testimonials – Christopher John Payne

Personality testimonials

These are testimonials about my work from people you may have heard of or done business with…

Paul Scheele, Developer of PhotoReading, Minneapolis, USA, creator of the multi-million-selling Paraliminal range of CDs for personal change, and author of a number of books including Natural Brilliance says:Paul-Scheele

“Chris’s CD set, The Effort-Free Life System, is a magnificent creation. It’s so clear and simple. I’m sitting here enjoying the benefits, rather than moving into my head, thinking: ‘Could it really be this easy?’ It’s lovely to see the clarity that Chris has come to, and his easy way to gain access to the tremendous power that’s really available to each of us.” 

Pete Bissonette (pictured right with my son Felix when he was younger) is Paul’s business partner and President of Learning Strategies, and he wrote to his customers saying:Pete-Bissonette-Felix-Payne

“Paul came back from a trip to England raving about this new process Chris Payne had created. I simply couldn’t believe the results people were getting with the System. So I flew to England to meet them myself. I met Kenny Goodm-n, Debbie Margolis, Daniel Daw, and many other Effort-Freers. Their claims were astonishing, but I found it all real.

“Shortly after, Paul and I asked Chris to demonstrate the process at our next PhotoReading Retreat in Minneapolis which had 120 attendees. Almost a third of the attendees ordered Chris’s new Effort-Free Life course, even before it was finished. He wowed the audience and was besieged by people wanting more!

“Paul and I each ordered copies for ourselves. I simply had to share with you the excitement that Chris generated.”

As a consequence of Pete and Paul’s enthusiasm, the System has been a great success for them: they mailed about 180,000 sales letters promoting it to their customers, and sold thousands of sets. 

Stephen Pierce, internet entrepreneur and author of of the best-selling book Secrets to Creating Wealth says:stephen-pierce

“I got a mailing about Chris’ Effort-Free Life System from Learning Strategies a few months ago. I immediately bought it – and I LOVE it. It’s awesome. Some of my best clients own it and use it too! Recently Chris and I met for the first time at a conference where we were both presenting. I told him, ‘Hey, I bought your CDs and I listen to your core 3-minute processing track every morning!’ He was amazed! You must get Chris’s System – it really will draw abundance into your life.”


David Hughes, Director, Nightingale-Conant Publishing, UK Division, says:David-Hughes-Nightingale-Conant

“I was having a real challenge at work with a particular situation – and it needed resolving fast. I happened to mention my challenge to my chum Chris Payne, and he said ‘no problem, I’ve developed a new system you can use to resolve this issue once and for all.’ Chris then lead me through it for about 25 minutes.

“What amazed me was seeing that part of my mind didn’t want to resolve the issue! That insight, coupled with Chris’s direction, allowed me to free my mind to create a solution which was very, very simple. It was electrifying! I now realise that resolving my issue is not only possible, it is inevitable. This was a delightful surprise.

“We talked on a Friday, and it allowed me to go into the weekend feeling so much more relaxed and at peace with myself. I feel as if I’m walking on air.

“I’m so impressed with Chris’s methodology. It is so quick, so clever, so simple and yet so incredibly powerful. I fully intend using it at every opportunity possible so that my life becomes even more magical than it is at the moment.”


Dr John Demartini, one of the presenters in the film The Secret, and author of many top-selling books including How To Make A Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven, and The Breakthrough Experience, writes…Dr-John-Demartini

“Congratulations! You made the big 50. Your wisdom has been spread across the globe and your love has touched millions. Thank you for helping so many, including myself, make a difference. Thank you for being you. I look forward to seeing you soon.”




Paul McKenna, TV presenter and best-selling author of I Can Make You Slim, I Can Make You Sleep, and many more, says:

“It isn’t often that we recommend a specific company to our friends, colleagues and the people who train with us. We are, personally, very choosy about who we associate ourselves with and who we buy from. We have known Chris Payne for several years now. Chris shares a similar mission to ours – helping as many people to achieve their highest potential as we possibly can. If you are seeking ways to further your personal development, then give Chris a call.”


Leslie-KentonLeslie Kenton is the best-selling author of 30+ books on health and more, including 10 Steps to Energy and 10-Day Clean-up Plan. Leslie is the daughter of Stan Kenton, the legendary jazz, and recently published her autobiography called Love Affair. In Leslie’s best-selling book Age Power she writes:

“Chris is a wonderful teacher and a superb trainer. Chris himself is a living example of freedom and simple joy. In Chris, large intelligence is married to the playfulness of a child – all in one human being.”


As well as helping people overcome life challenges, as I’ve had considerable success selling products through the mail and over the internet, I also help people to turn their ideas into money…

Neil-AsherUntil recently, Neil Asher was the brains behind New Insights Life Coaching, a very successful UK-based company which used the internet and direct mail to promote a life coaching home study course. Now he is a internationally renowned internet expert. He says:

“Chris is an absolute genius when it comes to creating and marketing information marketing courses. Since talking with him and listening to his story, I have learned to my amazement that he has written sales letters which he has mailed out in the hundreds of thousands. He has in fact mailed out more than one million – yes ONE MILLION – sales letters in a single year. Do whatever you can to learn from this guy. He’s the real deal.” 

Peter Thomson is the leading sales trainer in the UK, and Nightingale-Conant UK has sold more of his audio programmes than any other presenter. He says:Peter-Thomson

“I was at a medical conference with thousands of doctors and nurses – and due to go on stage immediately after former Prime Minister Tony Blair. I got myself into a place of inner peace and inspiration as Chris Payne taught me on a visit to my home – and on his CDs – and I bounded onto the stage with renewed energy and focus.”


jay-abrahamJay Abraham is a marketing expert and author of Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition. He says:

“Chris is a very skilled person in writing ads. He was a very gracious contributor to a teleseminar where I interviewed him at length about his marketing strategies. He shared very lucrative and universal selling, advertising and direct mail secrets – and it was very gracious of him to do it.”  (You can get a transcript of this teleseminar here.) 

Paul-McGeePaul McGee is a highly regarded motivational speaker, and author of the best-selling books SUMO (Shut Up, Move On): The Straight-Talking Guide to Creating and Enjoying a Brilliant Life, and Self-Confidence: The Remarkable Truth of Why a Small Change Can Make a Big Difference. He says:

“On a recent long car journey to Scotland, I listened to the CD you sent out to your subscribers of a live coaching session with one of your clients: Tim Schmidt from America. I found it fascinating. It was great to hear an actual demonstration of some of the techniques you teach, and you also revealed that you are not just a man of theory, but of insight also.

“One thing I noticed which I think most people struggle with is the use of silence. You weren’t afraid to allow Tim to think. All too often we think the value of coaching is asking effective questions but it’s also about allowing people the time to reflect and then articulate their answers. Silence can indeed be golden but how often do we feel tempted to end it prematurely.”If I can be of any assistance to you, drop me a line via my contacts page.