My presentation at the KISS2 Workshop – Christopher John Payne
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My presentation at the KISS2 Workshop

I gave this presentation at the KISS2 Workshop on Sunday, October 20, 2103 at 9.15am to an audience of 60 people, all interested in product creation and marketing those products on the internet…


A number of people came up after my talk with tears in their eyes, which was very moving. I’m glad they felt inspired by what I shared. Many signed up for my coaching programme which starts on Sunday November 17 in my home.

Here’s some written feedback I received about my presentation…

“Absolutely awesome speech. I totally bought into Chris as a brand.” – Karen Hardie, Fathersham

“One word: awesome!! I cannot say enough about the presentation and the incredible belief you have help spark within me. Your integrity speaks for itself. To use the archetype, you are the wizard of the new digital age without whom the hero could perish. You are in the circle with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dan Kennedy and others. Appreciate you forever.” – Kenneth Cole, London

“Before the presentation was over, I knew that I would like to work with Chris.” – Sharon Duggan, Crawley

“Truly inspirational. Full of ‘takeaways’ I can use immediately. Thank you!” – Alison Bennet, France

“Very passionate and inspiring.” – Gary Way

“Your presentation yesterday was inspirational. There is no doubt that your expertise is amazing.” – Joe Sullivan

“I have attended many seminars/workshops and have been impressed with a few speakers, among whom Chris is a megastar. I’m inspired and can’t wait to get back to my products and to taking action.” – Madeline Dowden

A few days later, Madeline emailed the following to me…

“Hi Chris, It was a real pleasure to meet you at the recent KISS2 Seminar and to hear your presentation. Although I wrote a short piece as feedback, as requested, the form didn’t allow much room to do justice to what you contributed at the seminar. So here’s what I would have said had there been more room. (Duh! It’s just occurred to me that I could have used the reverse side of the form.)

“Over the past several years, I’ve attended many seminars and heard many splendid speakers who have delivered polished presentations. Nevertheless, few have impressed me so far as content is concerned. It was refreshing, therefore, to find that you not only gave a very professional presentation but the content was also rich, helpful, practical, enabling newbies and experienced marketers to understand and to implement the tips and advice given.

“Your energy and enthusiasm for your subject and for your delegates were inspiring. You not only made things seem easy, but you demonstrated how anyone with a little determination and action could turn their internet marketing lives around to bring about success. Just to prove how effective your talk was, for me at any rate, I have wasted no time in finishing off one product earlier this morning, over which I’d procrastinated for weeks, and it should be on Amazon before this day is out. So heartfelt and grateful thanks to you for your genorisity in sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.”

Here is a photo from the back of the room…

KISS2 Workshop from back of room

…and here is one of my audience…

KISS2 audience

Do watch the video of me talking with Martin Avis, the organiser of KISS2, about the event.