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Effort-Free 2-Hour Kindle ebook System

I’d love love love to help you create an ebook or 2 that puts money in your bank month after month, even completely ‘hands off’…

…so I am working on a new training called Effort-Free 2-Hour Kindle ebook that will enable you to create a Kindle ebook in 2 hours or less that is guaranteed to sell.

Equally you can use this new system to brief an outsourced worker to follow my system so they create the perfect ebook for you.

I’ll link you to this training in the next few days and keep refining it based on your feedback so it’s polished to perfection.

And you can get this amazing training…

…for just £7 (approx US$8.20).

Really: £7.

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams over the coming year, in spite of the challenges with corona.

And be able to make the very most of any extra time you spend at home.

After all, ebook sales have increased in recent weeks, so that’s more potential profit for you.

So I’m only charging you £7.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also get…

  • a link to tomorrow’s members’ webinar where I teach some amazing new material
  • a link to the replay if you can’t attend live
  • unlimited ‘ask me anything’ email access to me – which officially ran out a year after you joined my program
  • email help from my son Toby, 20, who is now working with me: he will even speak with
  • you by phone or video if you get stuck as you create your 2-hour ebook
  • 2 physical books mailed to your home – Billion Dollar Book Titles: Craft Killer Book Titles with Ease and Grace …and… Pain Pleasure Profit: Create a Potent Page-Turner That Delivers On Its Promises

If you are delighted with the new 2-hour Kindle ebook System, the webinar, the support, my paperback books and more, do nothing and, in 14 days, I’ll charge you £47 (US$56 approx) and every month from then on. You can unsubscribe to my Effort-Free Content monthly program at any time by emailing me (at hellochrispayne@gmail.com only) 48 hours or more before you are charged again. Once a charge is taken there are no refunds.

You’ll carry on getting all the following…

1. Access to monthly or occasionally twice monthly webinars. Plus access to webinar replays if you can’t make a call.

2. Unlimited email access so you can ask me any questions and I’ll reply personally at length. (One UK internet marketer charges $500 a month for less email access than this.)

3. THREE further Amazon Profits-related books mailed to you over the next year.

4. Access to bonus video content (more details soon).

5. I’ll be putting core content from the members’ area into an online learning platform like Teachable.com over the coming months which means the content will be much easier to digest, you get ‘digital rewards’ for moving through a section of the program, course completion certificate, and more. This refined content will only be available for subscribers to what I call Effort-Free Content.

And I’ll add further bonuses over the coming weeks and months.

To be clear: You’re paying just £7 now. I will send you the 2-hour Kindle ebook System, the 2 books and invite you to the next webinar and replay link (on a new hidden page). You can cancel over the next 12 days (giving 48 hours notice) if you don’t want to have further ongoing monthly access to Effort-Free Content and all the above benefits – but you’ll always have access to the 2-hour ebook system and all the rest of the Amazon Profits material.

Click below to get them…

Effort-Free 2-Hour Kindle ebook System for £7 (approx US$8)