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TV appearance: Channel 5 News

“Guru of calm” Paul Wilson has sold 10 million books as a result of the phenomenal success of The Little Book Of Calm.

A friend of mine, Howard Tinker, suggested I license Paul’s brand – so I did – and several months later I launched The Little Calm Machine, which came with specially-written books from Paul, and a CD he created for the package.

I was invited onto Channel 5’s Breakfast News show to demonstrate the device…

Go here to read a case study on how I put this product together.

TV appearance: In Your Dreams documentary

In Your Dreams titles

A number of years ago I appeared in a documentary called In Your Dreams which was shown on national TV in the UK.

The documentary lasted 25 minutes, and I’ve selected a few minutes from it here: the part where a girl called Laura has been experiencing some troubling dreams.

She uses the Nova Dreamer lucid dream device which my business, LifeTools, was selling at the time, to help ease her symptoms…


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TV appearance: Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast was a wildly popular breakfast TV show on Channel 4 in the UK.

In this segment, Mark Liddle and Zoe Ball were the hosts. Vanessa Feltz also features.

Just before the end of the video you’ll see retired professional footballer and manager Rodney Marsh pour wine over a flame-throwing guy who wouldn’t have a bath when he got home at night.

We all got splashed!

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TV appearance: London Network TV

London Network Television did a feature story on the Alpha-Stim SCS which was one of the best-selling devices we sold at LifeTools, a mail order business in the UK which I ran for 17 years.

We sent the station a ton of scientific research on the device, so they did an excellent bit of filming.

The SCS was great for relieving anxiety, depression and insomnia.

This model has now been superseded by the Alpha-Stim M, which is available by prescription only in the States.

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The power of outstanding service

Most business offer ‘good’, ‘great’ or even ‘excellent’ service to their clients and customers.

Here’s what I firmly believe.

If you offer outstanding service – and by that I mean truly outstanding service – you create fiercely loyal customers who will buy again and again, and rave about you to their friends.

When my sons were very young, my wife (at the time) and I took them to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai for a 2-week Christmas holiday.

The room was ‘great’, the service was ‘great’, and the weather was ‘great’ too!

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Case study: packaging and marketing for the Alpha-Stim SCS

A number of years ago I was having dinner in London with Dr Dan Kirsch and his wife Tracey.

Dan runs Electromedical Products International, Inc, and had designed a very successful pain-relief device called the Alpha-Stim 2000 which sold for US$5,850.

Now, with the advances in microelectronics, he was selling the Alph-Stim 100 for around $695 on prescription only via medical practitioners around the world.

It works by sending micro-currents through and around the area where the pain is.

Here’s what it looks like…

Alpha Stim 100 crop

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