Tie Your Camel book – Christopher John Payne

Tie Your Camel book

Tie Your Camel to a Post contains more than 200 full-colour images I created using my iPad and Apple Pencil. I created one image every day then got one outsourced worker to type up my words and add ‘tags’ and another worker laid the images out in book form and created the 3 brilliant indexes so you can search for ‘productivity’, ‘overwhelm’, ‘habits’ etc.

Here are some pages from this book…



If memory serves me right, if you order the Camel book, you will be asked if you want to add this second book: Don’t Frighten the Horses. It contains hundreds of funny and/or profound analogies and metaphors from top British newspapers and best-selling books. I’ve also added about 30 polygonal images of animals, insects and more to make it an attractive and fun book to read. The book would make a great gift too. (128 black and white pages in all with a detailed index at the back)

Here are some images from the Horses book…

Both books were created with help from outsourced workers, so I think you’ll get even more inspired to create your own books.

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