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How I created a product and got hundreds of signups for it in a matter of days

Staar Gazer logoThis video was recorded at Sarah Staar’s Internet Marketing and Training Meetup in London in May 2013 in front of a packed house of 50 people. She invited me to join a panel discussion on product creation. On my left is Gavin McCoy who has published lots of books in various niches, and on my right towards the end of the video is Rob Cornish who has produced a number of e-courses and software products.

The footage shows my contributions to the discussion. The full 2-hour video is on sale at Sarah’s website.

In the recording I mention the Staar Gazer product I created at the previous Meetup where I was also on the panel. I recommend you watch that video first.

The guy who asked the question about payment methods half way through the video is Matt Kendall who runs the excellent Interesting Talks Meetup in London.

How to organise your thoughts to maximise your life and create great content too

Sara Marie WatsonI gave a talk recently to the Quantified Self Meetup Group at Google’s Campus in London.

In the audience was Sara Marie Watson, a researcher who is is currently coauthoring a book about our future data society with a guy called John Battelle. She interviewed me over Skype about the project I have been working on: My Life Squared: a way I have systematically organised my memories, thoughts and ideas to help me make the most of my time and resources, so I have more fun!…

Sarah Staar interviews me in my home

Sarah Staar is an internet marketer who lives near Bognor on the south coast of England with her husband Dave. Until recently they ran a video production company filming for the likes of Mark Anastasi and Simon Coulson. Sarah runs the highly successful London Internet Marketing Meetup where I first met her.

Here’s a video that Sarah conducted with me in my home in Woking, to the west of London. She came to ask me about product creation: how anyone can turn their knowledge into pdf reports, mp3s, videos which they can give away or sell…

Download the mp3 audio version if you want to listen to it on your smartphone, iPod, etc.

I have also had the interview transcribed and made into a pdf. If you’d like a copy of this, drop me a line.

WP Viral Payments plugin by Rob Cornish: review

WP Viral Payments box Rob Cornish

I first met Rob Cornish a few months ago. Since then we have become friends, and we recently spent a day together in my home, sharing tips on internet marketing and product creation.

Rob has created a brilliant new WordPress plugin called WP Viral Payments

It’s easy to install and what it means is that you can…

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Meeting with Mike Chantry at Hilite DMS about direct mail list rental

Internet marketer Sarah Staar asked me to help her start selling her products by direct mail.

Mike Chantry Hilite Direct Marketing Services head and shoulders

So I recently drove her over to meet Mike Chantry, Managing Director of Hilite Direct Marketing Services, which is the leading broker for business opportunity lists in the UK. They rent out more than 45 million names a year.

I must have rented around a million names from him and his clients, and Hilite has rented out hundreds of thousands from my customer base over the years – but I had never been to Mike’s offices before as they were at the other end of the country from me at the time.

So this was my first to Hilite headquarters. Sarah and I spent 2 hours with Mike, and this video shows a small part of our meeting…

Why use direct mail if you have been selling products online? Because response rates can be much higher. Most top internet marketers around the world use direct mail for this reason.

To find out more, you can contact me to get help and advice, or go straight to Hilite’s website.

Check out Sarah Staar’s site too while you’re at it! 🙂

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