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Working with Jonathan Hughes of Wordzup

Jonathan Hughes is a ‘creative catalyst’ who has run workshops, designed advertising promotions, and written sales copy for the likes of Accenture, McDonald’s, UNICEF, Microsoft, and more. He works a lot with graphic designers and web designers to ensure their projects run smoothly and elegantly for their clients.

He came to see me when he was feeling stuck, and needing a fresh pair of eyes…


He says in the video that he has been missing a systematic element to his business. I helped him build a new framework so he could grow his business to the next level.

If you think I could help you get unstuck, get in touch for a free, no obligation call.

Delivering a speech called The Birthday Party

I gave a speech at Woking Speakers Club a while ago. I called it The Birthday Party. It’s just over 5 minutes long…

It was evaluated by Marlane, a highly experienced and skilled speaker, who said some very kind things, with a sweet final statement. The video lasts 3 minutes…


I was voted the Best Speaker of the evening by the audience of about 27 people, which was a delightful surprise. Here’s me getting my award from the Club President, Niko…

Chris Payne Niko Aug 13 2015 600

I got some lovely feedback…

“Awesome. Funny, entertaining and educational. Loved the story and how it led into the life lessons.” – Vanessa

“You took my breath away. Gobsmacked.” – Adnan

“Loved the passion you exuded. Killer ending too.” – Russell

“Very confident and wonderful to listen to.” – ‘A guest’

If you’ve never been to a Toastmasters Club, I’d highly recommend it: there are many thousands around the world that generally meet twice a month. Guests can attend for free. It’s the perfect place to learn how to be a better speaker. Search for your nearest one now online! 🙂

Working with Graham Rowan from The Elite Investor Club

You may have heard of an American called Dan Kennedy who is a superb copywriter and advisor to small business. I have followed him for more than 10 years, and even invested a day in his home in Cleveland working with him one-on-one. Dan’s material is sold through a business called Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC), and a Brit called David White runs GKIC London which meets every month.

David asked me to do a 50-minute presentation, so I did a talk on how to use stories to generate more revenues and profits for your business. David was so pleased with what I shared that he asked me to deliver a ‘part 2’ talk the following month.

In the audience was Graham Rowan who runs the Elite Investor Club which teaches people how to take control of their financial future. Graham has seven figures worth of assets, and if he finds a new venture worth investing in, he first invests his own money. Then, if he is happy with that investment, he shares it with the other Club members. Some of these people have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in projects Graham recommended. A smaller number have invested seven figures.

Graham is also the Chairman of Who’s Who Of Britain’s Business Elite, a prestigious organisation for company directors.

Graham Rowan of the Elite Investor Club

Graham Rowan of the Elite Investor Club

Graham asked me a number of excellent questions during my presentations. On the right is a photo of him asking one of them. Later we got chatting. He is running a Wealth Summit in London in November and wants to get 200+ in the room. He has a stunning line-up of speakers, and he has written an excellent sales letter to promote it.

He and I agreed that the letter is very clear and logical, but it is missing some emotional stories which would build the ‘know, like and trust’. Adding these would get his phone ringing off the hook if he was to mail the letter or promote it to an email list that didn’t know him well.

Graham booked a day with me in my home to help him find some stories to build that emotional connection.

When he came to see me I spent a few hours asking him question after question about his life and career. Nothing really jumped out… until we stumbled into a very personal area of Graham’s life. I delved deeper and was blown away by what he told me. I was incredulous.

I’m typing this now 2 days after he left and emotion is welling up in me as I’m reminded of what he shared, and I’m still shaking my head in almost disbelief. That’s how powerful Graham’s story is.

I’ve invested my money over the years in ISAs, unit trusts, and the like. But, now I know why Graham does what he does, I want to tell as many of my affluent friends as possible that they really must check Graham out – because that one core story he shared so fundamentally shifted the way I saw him and convinced me that I’ll be channelling some of my money over the coming months into the investments he recommends.

Anyway Graham and I had a very productive day together. He and I laid out a step-by-step plan to more or less guarantee he’ll get 200+ people in the room. I also gave him a list of people he can do joint ventures with, and contact details for a couple of people who will help make it easier to fill the summit.

Here is a video where Graham shares his biggest insights from our day together…


Your action steps…

Sign up at Graham’s website, and his Elite Investor Club.

Sign up at GKIC London –

Working with Shaz Nawaz: recording 6 video testimonials

Shaz Nawaz runs AA Chartered Accountants in Peterborough. He has hired me several times. A while back he brought me in to record video testimonials of some of his best clients. I have a semi-pro camcorder, lights, backdrop, shotgun microphone and so on, so I could record the videos and edit them on my MacBook Pro in between interviews.

Here is Shaz’s testimonial about working with me…


You’ll find another blog post about Shaz on this site.

You’ll also find blog posts of working with other clients.

Copywriting for Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar car 660Sarah Staar came to work with me a second time a few years ago. She is an incredibly successful online marketer with a 50,000-strong email list, earning $500,000 in the last year.

She drove to see me in the first car she has ever bought: she had never owned one before. Her husband bought her the cherished number plate as a gift. I couldn’t resist taking the photo on the right when she arrived.

I really like her as a person: she is very smart and laughs easily so I really enjoy the times I’ve spent with her.

Sarah Staar Chris Payne 4 May 2015 660She needed a long-form sales letter to be posted online and to be mailed to 1,000 people around the UK to promote her next product.

She had recently been recommended to use a guy, he wrote the sales piece, and she showed it to me and others.

I told her of the several areas where the letter was offtrack, so she booked to see me as soon as possible, which was a few days later on a public holiday.

You’ll hear in this video what we did during the day – which was not what she expected to happen!

You’ll discover the big aha’s she got about the copywriting process which I share with most of the people who come to work with me.


We had a fun working lunch sitting in the sunshine at a local pub next to the canal (you can see a barge behind me in the photo Sarah took below)…

Sarah Staar dessert 660

Chris Payne dessert 660

You can see the sales letter I wrote for Sarah here. The letter was mailed out as a 8-pager to Sarah’s 4-figure UK customer list. I designed an outer envelope too.

I did a talk mid-May to the GKIC London Group: a group of entrepreneurs who follow US marketer Dan Kennedy.
I filmed with 2 cameras: one from the back of the room, and one from the front so I could capture some of the audience questions and comments.

I explained in part of my 45-minute talk how you and I spent a day getting down some great stories and weaving them into the sales letter for Sarah’s workshop.

Max Alter, owner of Local Business TV and Videos For Accountants, said…
“I’ve known Sarah for a number of years, and seen her business develop. I know all the stories you’ve put in the sales letter, but I have never heard them told that way. And that is going to go down a storm with her list. Because the way she has told them she is much quieter and self effaced, and this is just absolutely phenomenal.”

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Sarah Staar interviews me in my home – she came with her high-end video equipment and filmed this interview

Working with affiliate marketing expert Sarah Staar


Sarah Staar is an internet marketer who lives by the south coast of England with her husband Dave. Until recently they ran a video production company filming for the likes of Mark Anastasi and Simon Coulson. Sarah runs the highly successful London Internet Marketing Meetup where I first met her.

She came to work with me in my home and I helped her create an effective business model for a Mastermind group that she is going to start up.

You can visit her website at

She very kindly left me this video testimonial….