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Case study: packaging and marketing for the Alpha-Stim SCS

A number of years ago I was having dinner in London with Dr Dan Kirsch and his wife Tracey.

Dan runs Electromedical Products International, Inc, and had designed a very successful pain-relief device called the Alpha-Stim 2000 which sold for US$5,850.

Now, with the advances in microelectronics, he was selling the Alph-Stim 100 for around $695 on prescription only via medical practitioners around the world.

It works by sending micro-currents through and around the area where the pain is.

Here’s what it looks like…

Alpha Stim 100 crop

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Case study: Lester Levenson’s book called The Keys To The Ultimate Freedom gets repackaged

Many years ago I sold about 7,000 sets of the Sedona Method home study course in the UK, by direct mail (at around $300 a set). [The Sedona Method helps you let go of anger, sadness, anxiety etc.]

Hale Dwoskin, the creator of the Sedona Method course, was trying to write a book on the method but was stuck.

Lester Levenson, the originator of the Sedona Method, had written one book called The Keys To The Ultimate Freedom, which was a thick book: 392 pages of small, densely laid out text: edited transcripts of his talks.

It was then out of print. It looked like this…

Lester Levenson The Keys To The Ultimate Freedom

I was always looking for new products to promote to my list of 50,000 buyers, so I spoke with

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Case study: Freedom Now repackaged as the Sedona Method course

Quite a few years ago I promoted a home study course based on the Sedona Method, which was then called Freedom Now. The Sedona Method is a 3-step process to get enable you to let go of anger, sadness, anxiety etc. Here’s what the packaging looked like…

Freedom Now cropped

I rewrote the sales letter and created a colour brochure to go with it, and mailed it to about 30,000 of my 50,000 customers here in the UK. We sold a few thousand units at around $300 per set.

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Invest for success

Some people expect something for nothing in their businesses.

Others realise that success comes from investment in appropriate resources.

Let me elaborate…

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The power of deadlines

This is a post I wrote for a brand new site called Find The Edge. This post will be deleted or amended as soon as that goes live to avoid duplicate content…

A number of years ago I created a CD set called The Effort-Free Life System which looks like this…

Effort-Free Life System

It consisted of a step-by-step process to help people go from struggle and resistance to a

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