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A testimonial from Peter Svensson

Peter Svensson runs a business where I help people with weight loss, and does other work as well.

He and I exchanged email contact a few months ago and he came over to my home where we worked for a full day.

He came with an idea and at the end of the day had a plan for a book, the release date, and even the plan for a second book,

He had this to say…

“Since I started working with Chris, my outlook on everything I do has changed. I see so many more possibilities; I’m so much more excited about getting up in the morning and doing my small daily tasks and working on my creations.

So all I can say is if you have ever had an idea or thought about writing a book or a course, Chris is the man to talk to because he can really make you see how you can do that. For me it’s a dumbproof plan — if I can do it, I’m sure anybody can do it. Thank you very much Chris. I highly recommend you.”

Watch his testimonial here…