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A testimonial from Naomi Woodyer Harris

Naomi Woodyer Harris is the wife of a good friend of mine, Adam Harris. The idea was that I would be able to help her put my book together through all the ideas she had.

We went through and helped her format her ideas and put together an actual, publishable format for my book.

Her book at the moment is going to be a recipe book.

She had some kind words to say…

“Chris has really helped me with how I’m going to publish, where I’m going to print this book, how many I’m going to print, and all sorts of other details which I’ve really found immensely important regarding the actual publication and publicised versions of this book.

Chris has been fantastic over the last couple of months in trying to help me with this and I’ve appreciated everything single aspect of the support that he has given me.

So if you’re ever in a need to get some several ideas of how to put your book together, then Chris is the person to contact. He is the man in the know, definitely.”

And here is her testimonial…