A Testimonial from Allan Duah – Christopher John Payne

A Testimonial from Allan Duah

Allan Duah is a video editor who make tutorials on how to use Apple’s Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, the Mac equivalents of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

I first came across him a couple of years ago. We met via a freelancer site called Elance while Allan was on there as a freelancer. 

I was on there looking for someone to edit videos that I had made. 

Allan made a bid on the job that I posted and he showed me a few examples. I liked the way he communicated with me so we exchanged numbers and we ended up communicating over the phone and continuing our work from there.

Here are some kind words from Allan…

“I’m amazed by the patience Chris has, and his ability to draw out of you — to understand those ideas and take those ideas in order to help you create a product. So when you have ideas and stories and you want to create a book, Chris is great in helping you understand how you would go about putting those stories together and creating a finished product that you can actually sell.”

Watch his testimonial here…