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Why 24 pag​​​​es?

24 pages is the minimum number of pages for an Amazon paperback. 

Why bother having a paperback version?

You get to receive a physical book at your home.

Sitting reading it in bed or in your favourite armchair with a red pen in your hand you can underline sections that you really like (giving yourself a pat on the back: a boost of the drug dopamine into your bloodstream), and scribble ideas to make the book even better. After all, you can make changes to the .doc file and upload a new version to Amazon as often as you want: that new version will be 'live' within 24 hours of uploading.

People are more likely to buy the Kindle version of your book if they see it also in paperback at a higher price: the Kindle version will look cheap by comparison. Also people are deciding whether to buy the paperback version or Kindle version as opposed to whether to buy a Kindle-only version or nothing at all.

Some people will buy both versions: a paperback to read and put on their shelves, and the ebook version which they can read right away either for a lower price, or for free if they, like millions of others, are a Kindle Unlimited members: you get a share of their $9.95 monthly fee for this depending on the proportion of your ebook that they have read.

People give books as gifts: imagine people buying extra copies of your super-thin paperbacks and giving them to family and friends. As your book is such a quick read, it will often got to the top of a book pile, get red in 10-15 minutes, and thus is more likely to get reviewed, and reviewed well, which leads to more sales.

Why am I encouraging you to create a 24-page ebook/book?

It will get you started. It will get you moving. Once moving, you will tend to keep moving. You will add bits of text each day. Before you know it your book will start to take shape.

Even a book of 60-100 pages can be intimidating for some members: 24 pages seems doable.

A super-thin book has to be very narrow in its 'scope': you're very unlikely to try and create The Everything Parenting Guide and instead create Potty Training for Girls which is far more likely to lead to regular sales even without any marketing. So you will be more laser focused.

If you had an idea for a 100-page book with 5 chapters in it, here is an opportunity to create 5 super-thin ebooks, and publish each one as you complete it. You can later sell a '5 books in one for a big discount' bundle. (Amazon makes it super easy for you to do this.)

24 pages means 2,200 to 2,800 words of text. This is how many words most people speak in 20 minutes. 

When I lived in Abu Dhabi for 3 years, I was once brought in to train the pastoral care team at an English-Speaking School triggered by one of the young British students suddenly dropping down dead in a local shopping mall. The teachers didn't know how to deal with the surges of sadness and anxiety of the pupils, so they asked for my help. After a session, one of the teachers asked me for advice for students studying for exams, worried whether they knew enough to pass. I asked him how much he knew about the Roman Empire. He said he knew almost nothing. I asked how long he could talk for about the subject. Five minutes, he replied. I asked him what kind of clothing Romans wore, how they lived, who did the bulk of the work in rich people's home, what forms of entertainment there were, what the soldiers were called, and so on. He said a few words on each element as he remembered fragments from his schooldays. I asked him again how long he could talk for about the Roman Empire and he said, 20 minutes. My point: if you think you only know a tiny amount about a subject, you probably know far more than you think if you just ask yourself a few questions.

Here's the summary overview of my system for creating any book, whether 24 pages or 120 pages...

More about this system

I created this summary in the free online WorkFlowy app.

See the WorkFlowy Essentials module where I explain what it is and how to use it.

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Then click this link to see the Book Creation summary in WorkFlowy. Click on Expand All to see every step, or click on any black dot which has a grey ring, or the black triangle that appears next to the black dot: there is more content 'hidden away'.

Bear in mind: this info is a overview summary: you'll find the deeper details in the Pain Pleasure Profit book (or go to the Bonus Resources module to see a list of the pdfs etc available by emailing me) – and also in modules like Book Creation, Book Writing, Outsourcing, Book Layout, Book Polishing and others.

You can also download all the text of the Book Creation System as a pdf; the Word Shrinker spreadsheet; and the Word Shrinker 24 spreadsheet here via this Dropbox link.

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Additional info...

Amazon is super-sensitive re books with Coronavirus in the title, so avoid creating books in this area unless you're very sure you know what you're doing.