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Acorn in Pixels: BBC Micro games

I did a degree in Business Studies at Leeds Polytechnic from 1979-1983 and wrote a 26,000-word project on the computer games market. I interviewed Bob Simpson, MD of Micro Power /Program Power and he offered me a job, handling the marketing. After 18 months I left and worked for Richard Hanson at Superior Software.

I was interviewed for the book Acorn in Pixels by idesine publishing, and now it’s out, I was asked for a photo of me with the book and some of the projects I worked on…

The above photo shows me with the Can You Write Games ad and poster plus booklet I wrote with Richard Hanson called Top Tips for Games Authors; J-cards for games like Gauntlet written by a dear friend at the time, Chris Terran, plus Mr Ee and Felix in the Factory and Felix and the Fruit Monsters; Citadel; Repton; and Time and Magik and Lancelot when I was MD of Mandarin Software and Europress Software.

On this site you’ll find more detailed info on my time in the computer games industry: the author stumbled across these pages via Google searches which led to him reaching out to me.

Links: Working at Micro Power / Program Power, Leeds

Links: Working at Superior Software

More: Working at Europress / Database Software / Mandarin Software 

You can contact me about this page here.

Buy the awesome Acorn in Pixels book here.