Toby and friends organise an art exhibition

My eldest son, Toby, 17, and his friends organised an art exhibition at a new arts centre called La Dolce Vita in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, where they live.

Here are 2 videos Toby filmed then edited in Final Cut Pro, a video editor for the Apple Mac. This first one features Toby’s very good friend, Anita…

This second video shows Anita first, then Toby, then the other artists. Toby tells me that “You feel?” is a popular expression among his friends. One meaning is “Are you on the same page as I’m on?”…

After the exhibition was over, Toby wrote this for me…

YOU FEEL was an independently organised, 2-day art exhibition, the first of its kind, held in Al Ain on the 26th and the 27th of January.
Organised by 7 young, high school students, each with their own skill set and passion, we were able to offer our work to over 900 people for the entire event. I had 2 paintings, and 6 photos on show.
The blue painting of a guy with feet was done for a Year 10 GCSE exam: it’s actually me in the bath, holding a balsamic vinegar bottle to double as a bottle of wine.
The photo of the boy with the cigarettes is my friend Oliver Nuttall which I took in Glasgow this summer.
I also have 3 photos of Felix which I had on show.

We organised an interactive room whereby images were projected onto walls for photography, and we did long exposure photography where shapes could be drawn with light. We had 2 DJs and 2 singers perform over the course of the event.
We sold 250 prints of the work on show, and generated over 5000 views on our videos about the event. We received countless testimonials and messages of congratulations and thanks.

The most frequently repeated phrase was “When’s the next one happening?” The total cost of our event was £0! We raised all our money from sponsorship and coverage, and even made a sizeable profit!

Here are some photos of the 2-day event…
The blonde-haired girl who Toby has his arm around is his girlfriend Iona who was born in Scotland.
The girl with brown hair who Toby has his arm around is his great friend Anita.
The boy on the far right in this next shot of 4 boys, 2 pointing to the sky, is my son Felix, 14…


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