Delivering a speech called The Birthday Party – Christopher John Payne

Delivering a speech called The Birthday Party

I gave a speech at Woking Speakers Club a while ago. I called it The Birthday Party. It’s just over 5 minutes long…

It was evaluated by Marlane, a highly experienced and skilled speaker, who said some very kind things, with a sweet final statement. The video lasts 3 minutes…


I was voted the Best Speaker of the evening by the audience of about 27 people, which was a delightful surprise. Here’s me getting my award from the Club President, Niko…

Chris Payne Niko Aug 13 2015 600

I got some lovely feedback…

“Awesome. Funny, entertaining and educational. Loved the story and how it led into the life lessons.” – Vanessa

“You took my breath away. Gobsmacked.” – Adnan

“Loved the passion you exuded. Killer ending too.” – Russell

“Very confident and wonderful to listen to.” – ‘A guest’

If you’ve never been to a Toastmasters Club, I’d highly recommend it: there are many thousands around the world that generally meet twice a month. Guests can attend for free. It’s the perfect place to learn how to be a better speaker. Search for your nearest one now online! 🙂


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