Working with top dating coach Hayley Quinn – Christopher John Payne

Working with top dating coach Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is the UK’s best known dating coach.

She came to spend a few days with me…

Hayley Quinn arrives at my home 640

…to completely revamp her brand, product range, website and more.

Here is what Hayley’s site looked like before she came to see me. There was no structure to the home page, and Hayley’s previous designer had not made great use of the media logos…

Hayley Quinn site before 640

Here was one of the blog pages with lots of white space…

Hayley Quinn site before 2 640

One thing I did as soon as she arrived was suggest a new logo, based on her signature.

I got Hayley to write lots of versions using a fat black marker, including a heart to use over the letter ‘i’, and two kisses.

Then I cut out my favourite versions, and took a photo…

Hayley Quinn handwriting crop 640

… which I emailed to my graphic designer, Paul McNamara, with the following idea: logo on the left, a matrix of media logos in the middle, and a new photo of Hayley on the right which I took in my home photo/video studio…

Hayley header with signature 640

Paul came back within 24 hours with this design…

Hayley-Quinn-Header-Design-5 640

I got him to put Hayley’s name at an angle to give it a more natural look, and to move the two kisses more to the right. He also fixed the rogue space after the open quote marks in the sub heading.

This is what Paul came back with…

Hayley-Header-final-917 640

Hayley is a natural in front of a video camera, and is able to come up with new content quite quickly, so I recorded a new ‘welcome’ video which encourage visitors to her site to sign up to her email list and get 5 free videos.

We then recorded those 5 videos and put them on separate hidden pages on her site.

This is what the site looked like after a couple of days of work together, and using my freelance web designer to install the Thesis framework for WordPress and add social sharing buttons above the header and a clear ‘nav bar’ (navigation bar) below the header.

We also used Easy Video Suite as the video player plugin because adding YouTube embed codes looks amateurish to me…

Hayley Quinn site after 640

I also worked with Hayley to create a series of 5 coaching packages which she could offer to her clients. Together we wrote the descriptive copy…

Hayley Quinn coaching packages 640 w border

Hayley then spent a couple of hours creating a separate Word file for each package, detailing everything a client would get if they signed up for a package, then I helped her refine that copy.

We also role-played her trying to sell me a coaching package, and I helped her refine her sales technique.

We did a lot more than this, but I’m sure you’ve got a good idea now of the work we did together. In the video testimonial Hayley recorded to me, she is open about crying a few times during her stay as we were working so intensely to create some big wins for her.

What I learned about her is how hard working and resilient she is, which has got her to such a high position of respect in the UK dating scene.

Below is the longest testimonial on this website at 16 minutes (the others are generally just a few minutes)… but she had a lot to say!…


I’ll end with a selfie of the two of us before she got on the train home…

Hayley Quinn and Christopher John Payne 640

Hayley’s main site is here.


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